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Reno Rodeo Foundation – Denim Drive

//Reno Rodeo Foundation – Denim Drive

Reno Rodeo Foundation – Denim Drive

We are excited to share some of our recent work! Over the last month we’ve been working hard with the Reno Rodeo Foundation to update their branding material for this years Denim Drive.

The Reno Rodeo Denim Drive is an annual community event to collect NEW denim clothing, shirts, infant and toddler clothing, socks and underwear for abused, neglected and abandoned infants, children and teens who have been rescued from unsafe homes in the 14 Northern Nevada counties the drive serves.

November 14th through December 31st

The Reno Rodeo Denim Drive puts new clothes on every rescued child 24 hours a day, every day of the year – across 14 Northern Nevada counties. There is a constant need for new clothing. What is collected in each county stays in each county!

100% of every penny raised from “Donate a Dollar for Denim” is used to purchase additional new clothing throughout the year.

Learn More about the Reno Rodeo Denim Drive
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